What is PharmacyWeek?

PharmacyWeek is the only weekly trade publication focusing on the pharmacy employment market. PharmacyWeek reaches thousands of pharmacy professionals each month, including pharmacy team leaders, pharmacists and technicians. Since it was founded in 1990, more than 3,500 different pharmacy employers have placed well over 15,000 pharmacy employment advertisements. Most telling is that many pharmacy employers consider PharmacyWeek the most effective tool available to recruit for pharmacy positions. Their loyalty over the years has been our greatest asset.

History of PharmacyWeek:

Established in Madison, Wisconsin in 1990 by human resources professionals frustrated by the lack of a timely and trusted resource for pharmacy employers, the first editions of PharmacyWeek were a one-page listing of a handful of available pharmacy job listings, sent by fax or by mail to pharmacy professionals. It was an idea whose time had come, and PharmacyWeek led the way. Even today, PharmacyWeek continues to be the leader by following one simple guideline: give pharmacy recruiters the tools they need to reach qualified pharmacy professionals.

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