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PharmacyThisWeek: Are you likable? 2015 Salary Survey Results / 139 New Jobs!

June 23, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! When I am not busy running PharmacyWeek, I love matching candidates to great job opportunities. My job over on that side of the fence is to match great candidates up with our advertisers. I had an interesting client call the other day. It went something like this: Me: Hey, I have a […]

PharmacyThisWeek: 2015 Pharmacy Compensation Survey! Stay employed by the same company for 2+ years, earn less over your lifetime by 50% or more!!

June 16, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! Record breaking survey results to report! We had both a record number of organizations at 250 and a record number of pharmacy professionals at 336,068!! I’ll expand upon all in future emails as there are several big announcements to make. Here are just a few survey highlights… Overall pay is projected to […]

PharmacyThisWeek: Who I am & What I believe. 150 New jobs!!

June 9, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! A couple of days ago, a reader sent me an interesting note. Really, it was an update on his job search, but at the end of it, he offered a piece of unsolicited advice that, to be honest, took me by surprise for a minute. The reader suggested that some of my […]

PharmacyThisWeek: 4 easy steps to customize your resume! 228 New Jobs!!

May 26, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! I’m a recruiter at heart. I make decisions on whether or not I’m going to call someone based on how well that person’s resume speaks to me. Does she seem to have directly transferrable skills? Does her resume contain key terms and phrases that I know matter to the hiring manager I’m […]

PharmacyThisWeek: Getting Feedback After the Interview & 296 New Jobs!

May 13, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! As a rookie recruiter 30+ years ago, I observed a phenomenon that both perplexed and discouraged me. On more than one occasion (a lot more), one particular colleague would dial up a candidate who had interviewed poorly and was not going to be selected for the job. She would pray that the […]

Jet Setter Pharmacist: Historic Architecture, Great Antique Shopping, and Fun-filled Community Events

May 9, 2015


As a pharmacist, you have options when it comes to where you work, and at PharmacyWeek we see several pharmacy job opportunities cross desks every day that even make us want to get up and go work at these dream destinations. Jet Setter Pharmacist highlights great job openings in even better locations, and what makes […]

PharmacyThisWeek: The kissing butt alternative! 100 New Jobs!!

April 28, 2015


Welcome to PharmacyThisWeek! We’ve all seen this person in action in the workplace. The loyal puppy dog. The co-worker who hops around at the heels of the influencers, panting, pacing, and slobbering all over himself in an effort to get noticed. Get attention. Get somewhere. It is incredibly annoying, especially for all who are wise […]